It's officially called Tofu Stew, but I don't think that sounds very appealing, especially since there's a lot of people who aren't that excited about tofu, so I've renamed it Colorful Stew. You could make it with or without tofu. The recipe calls for winter squash, but I didn't have any so I subsituted with sweet potato. I also cut down on the salt, changing it from one tbsp to one tsp instead. You can use any kind of miso and vinegar you have - I've never seen umeboshi vinegar, so I substitute with rice or wine vinegar.
Colorful Tofu Stew served with fake chicken and dumplings from Yuan
Tofu Stew from Kripalu Cookbook
This cookbook comes from the Kripalu Center for yoga and health in Massachusetts. I've never been, but heard great things about it.