This introductory offer, available for new Luna members, is the most cost-effective option, offering unlimited yoga classes for the one-time fee of $49 (a 50% savings from the monthly membership). This allows new members to take the opportunity to come to class as often as they wish to familiarize themselves with the Luna Yoga staff and style.


Benefits of the practice include:

  • improved muscle tone and overall core strength 
  • reduced fatigue and headaches
  • maintenance of healthy weight through physical practice & conscious eating
  • increased endurance and lowered resting heart rate
  • reduced anxiety and stress
  • relief from depression
  • detoxification of the internal organs
  • strengthened immune system
  • increased energy and overall focus
  • improved balance and flexibility
  • prevention of arthritis and osteoporosis
  • improved blood circulation 

Yoga Tips

Here are some suggestions and cautions to keep in mind while practicing Yoga. Please note that all bodies are different, some cautions may, or may not apply to you. For more information feel free to ask us. And most importantly, remember to listen to your body at all times.

The studio is open 30 minutes before scheduled classes. It is lightly cooled in the summer and warmed in the winter.

  • Arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes before class
  • If you are pressed for time and you know you'll be arriving just in time for class, you can fill out the "New to Luna" form on the right in advance and/or get changed at the office/school/home beforehand
  • All classes are done in bare feet
  • All cell phones and pagers should be turned off before entering the reception
  • Students are encouraged to bring their own mats, towels, straps, pillows, etc
  • During class, students are asked to keep 'talking' to a minimum
  • All injuries should be brought to the teachers attention before the class
  • It is best not to eat at least two hours before practicing yoga, a light snack is recommended one hour in advance (i.e. fruit or fruit juice)
  • Smokers should refrain from smoking before class, especially when practicing breathing techniques (for themselves and others around them)
  • Persons with high blood pressure should not stay in inverted poses for long periods of time
  • Perfume should not be worn during class, especially when practicing breathing techniques
  • All students are welcome to use any of the yoga props (blocks, straps, etc.) to aid with comfort and alignment. Students are asked to replace props neatly after use

Remember to listen to your body and enjoy yourself! Keep in mind these classes are designed to help you relax and release tension in both your body and mind. Enjoy each moment and have fun!


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Where is Luna Yoga located?
Our address is 231 St.Paul West, Suite # 200, Montreal, Qc, H2Y 2A2.
We are on the second floor, six blocks from Place D'Armes Metro, between Rue Saint Francois Xavier and Rue Saint Nicolas.  

When are classes offered?
We offer classes on a daily basis. Here is our schedule.

What should I bring to class?
Please bring a positive attitude, open heart, a yoga mat (mats are also available for rent for $2), hand towel, water, and some comfortable stretchable clothes to wear. Blocks, straps, and blankets are provided.

Is parking available?
Street parking is available in Old Montreal. Be sure to allow plenty of time to find a spot before
class. (You can also reserve online)

What levels of Yoga do you offer?
We offer a few varieties. Please see our schedule page.

Do you have a place for yogis to change clothes before and after class?
Yes. We have dedicated dressing rooms. However, we suggest you change before coming to class to save time!

Do you have showers available for students to use?
We do not have showers but we do have a washroom.

Is there a boutique at Luna Yoga?
Yes we have a boutique. We offer eco friendly mats, organic tanks & tees, china gel, lavender lotion, mala beads, yoga DVD's, yoga books, vegan cookbooks, CD's, and more...