Heart open Frances and Francesca
Francesca and Frances Surfboards

We really couldn't have asked for any better for our first yoga retreat together... From the beauty of the location, to the easy-going yet efficient running of the Coco Loco Eco-Resort, to the wonderful group of yogis who joined us on this adventure... Francesca and I kept grabbing each other, looking into each others' eyes and saying, "I can't believe this is really happening!"

Francesca and Annie surf

The yoga studio space had a beautiful view of the trees and we could hear the birds and the waves of the ocean in the distance as we practiced.  Every morning they laid out a spread of fresh fruits and granola for a light early breakfast as of 5 a.m.; we had the option of catching some waves with the instructors as of 6:30 a.m.; we had morning practice from 8-9 a.m. and then a more substantial (and very delicious) breakfast after class. We had various activity options for the rest of the day throughout the week: Stand Up Paddle boarding, kayaking, chocolate-making, salsa dancing... We also had the option of getting pampered with a good, strong massage after all the yoga, surfing and all-around adventuring!
Lunch was at 2 p.m. most days, evening practice around 5:30 p.m., just as the sun was setting, and a delectable dinner was served right afterwards which always included a sweet, refreshing treat for dessert!

We dedicated one afternoon mid-week to volunteer for Waves of Hope, a charitable organization that the owners of Coco Loco (Earl and Jamie) created to get involved in and to support the surrounding community. It was such a heartwarming and humbling experience to be able to spend an afternoon re-painting an elementary school classroom and making cement to apply to the back of the schoolhouse.

Taping Caro and Frances
Painting Charlie and Frankie
Cement Gen and Michelle

The location of Coco Loco itself was of picturesque perfection! There were plenty of hammocks all along the grounds for us to relax and read a book, or sip on a margarita; there were lounge chairs by the beach for us to enjoy the sound of the waves while catching some sun rays; there was a lovely pool space area to cool off with a nice dip in the water; and there was a welcoming dining hall/lounging space where we could sit with a cool drink and grab a light snack while journalling or sending a quick message home. 

Reading on the beach
Hammock Meriem
Dining hall

And the beautiful sunset... We began the week by congregating on the beach the first night after dinner to watch the sunset and we ended the week with a walking meditation on the beach to watch the sun go down before our evening class.

First night sunset
Mid-week sunset
Walking meditation

Francesca and I would like to thank all the yogis who shared this wonderful experience with us and the entire Luna Yoga family for their support. We extend our sincerest gratitude especially to Jenn, for creating Luna Yoga to begin with, and for giving us the opportunity to host the most magical retreat for our community.

See you there next year? ;-) (Luna Yoga & Surf Retreat 2019 is tentatively set for March 16-23. Stay tuned!)

- Frances Vicente