Wellness should include a little joy now and again and these sinfully delicious energy balls are just that  - little balls of bliss. Easy and flexible to what you have on hand, this recipe can be adjusted to whatever size or dietary needs you have.

Makes about 15 balls (depending on size)

4 pitted dates
3 tbs cocoa powder
3 tbs nut/ seed butter  - Tahini or almond butter work well!
1 tsp maple syrup
1 tsp vanilla
pinch sea salt

  • Place all ingredients in a mini chopper, and pulse until all combined and dates are pulverized
  • Make balls whichever size you desire, but a simple tsp can be used to scoop out amount and roll into ball.
  • Roll in various ingredients such as coconut flakes, ground nuts, seeds, cocoa, etc - or leave them naked!