I'm definitely a snacker, and have tried many healthy bars in my lifetime, but I never found one that I really liked until now... My husband came home a couple of weeks ago and said a guy came into our yoga studio selling healthy bars that were locally made and vegan, so he bought a box to resell. I rolled my eyes and questioned whether he'd made a good decision. I'm on maternity leave, so he's in charge. People come into the studio to try to sell us stuff all the time. Most of it we either don't like, or we don't need. We don't have a huge retail section, and many of our students are rushing out after class so they don't have time to 'shop'. We've also tried selling granola bars in the past, and I ended up eating most of them.

The following week I went to the studio for our Mom & Baby Yoga class. I grabbed one of the bars (with the lowest expectations), and was so pleasantly surprised, that I stocked my purse with a couple extra ones. They are moist, chewy and delicious! The fact that they are vegan and locally made only makes them that much better. I thought the peanut butter chocolate one would be my favorite, but I've been addicted to the chocolate coconut & almond one. Apparently the almond, cranberry & goji berry is very popular amongst yogis, but I have yet to try it. We are proud to support EnerChia, and now sell all 3 flavors at Luna Yoga.