I've never really been into shakes or nutritional powders, but with pregnancy, gestational diabetes and now breastfeeding, I felt like I needed a little boost. I started adding some protein powders to smoothies, but often found they left a 'powdery' taste, and/or I was just trying to cover up the taste of the powder with other ingredients. Then I remembered Mark Brown had sent me some taste testers from his company ViraOne. Since the label had the word 'chocolate' in it, I decided to add it to soy milk (normally I would use Almond Milk, but with the gestational diabetes I had to switch to soy to increase my protein intake). It turned out to be delicious! It reminds me a bit of the chocolate milk we used to have as kids, made with Quick (except this is like a much healthier, not-so-sweet version). Since I had to limit my sugar intake, this also makes for a nice dessert.

Sharon Gannon's "Truth Smoothie"

Sharon Gannon's "Truth Smoothie"

The second time I added the ViraOne Mix to the "Truth Smoothie" from Sharon Gannon's Simple Recipes for Joy cookbook. It turned out to be the perfect addition, with a hint of chocolate flavor.

ViraOne’s Chocolate Chaga Mushroom Nutrition Mix is full of Good Stuff. The nutrient-dense formula is based on superfoods and superherbs. All ingredients are raw, vegan, gluten-free, sustainable, and non-GMO. Plus it's a Canadian company!

ViraOne was created in nature, not in a lab. The nutrition mix was formulated by Adele Engel in the mountains of British Columbia. When faced with a life-threatening illness, Adele used her knowledge of superfoods and herbs to create a delicious tasting and highly effective super-mix, and began to heal herself. As a nutritionist, health coach, and yogini, Adele’s work caught the interest of others, and so she started to share it.After many years of perfecting the formula, tried and tested on a devoted clientele, Adele passed on the recipe to Mark Brown. Mark now runs the company from both Huntingdon, QC and Oshawa, ON. Mark is sticking to Adele’s original recipe, offering optimal nutrition and vibrant health to even more Canadians.Most importantly, he continues to use only the Good Stuff in ViraOne: organic herbs, whole foods straight from the wild, nutrient-rich sea algaes, and more.
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