My parents used to take us to Maine almost every summer. I have fond memories of Kennebunkport and Goose Rocks Beach. I hadn't been back in years, and always wanted to take Jason there, so for my Dad's 70th birthday we all rented a cottage and headed down for the long weekend.

Besides some more shops and a bit of development, it hadn't changed too much. The beach was still gorgeous, and the town adorable (the toy store even carried much of the same inventory). We spent our time taking long beach walks, picnicking, swimming, playing scrabble, and eating out. We even found an amazing restaurant with plenty of veggie and organic options; Bandaloop (reservations needed... this place is popular!).

Every morning I practiced yoga on our back patio facing a marshy, bird sanctuary. As I watched the tide go out, the focus of my practice shifted to the deep connection of all things, and to the awe of nature. The postures suddenly became less important, and instead I felt like I was soaking up all the incredible energy around me.

The ocean, the sea air, the stars, everything shared a feeling of peace.

Going away is like a really good yoga class, or like hitting the 'refresh' button. It always leaves me feeling more calm and, for lack of a better word... refreshed.

If you haven't taken the time for a vacation lately, take some time off, even if it's just one day. Go for a walk in the woods, get a massage, or read a good book. Life is short, enjoy it.