Last week was an inspiring, busy, and relaxing week. The first 4 days were spent in Vancouver at the Lululemon Ambassador Summit. When Lulu first invited us to the Summit, I was slightly skeptical. I had just had eye laser surgery, and was sitting in the dark with all the blinds down and sunglasses on when Bram called to tell me Lulu wanted to treat us to 4 days in Vancouver. I wasn't really sure why they wanted to send us out there, or what it was all about, but my answer was "yes" of course!

Our days were fully packed with goal-setting & social media workshops, networking and design feedback. It was such a unique event, as it brought together yoga teachers, athletes, and studio owners from all over North America (and a couple from Australia too). It created this platform for us to share ideas, goals, and problems. Running your own business can often get lonely, so to be able to talk to other studio owners, and relate to their challenges, give advice and get advice, is really special. Just knowing that other people are going through the same struggles is comforting. The summit allowed us to share freely, and to learn from each other. I'm so happy to have met some amazing people, and am extremely grateful to Lululemon for organizing it all. My initial skepticism was way off, the only thing they wanted in return, was for us to keep spreading joy, and encourage others to live their best lives and create a better world.

Thursday evening I came home, unpacked, did laundry, slept, woke up, repacked, and was off to Spa Eastman for our annual Weekend Yoga Retreat. Although I was slightly jet-lagged, as soon as we pulled into the driveway of the spa, I felt a wave of relaxation wash over me. The next couple of days were spent teaching, relaxing by the pool, and getting to know some more amazing people.

Although last week was extremely busy, I feel blessed, and super lucky. Going away also always makes me really appreciate my home life, my family, the studio, and my own bed. As my schedule starts to calm down, Jason's is in full swing, with interviews, rehearsals, and preparations for his album launch this coming Friday! Check them out at (the new album will be available at the shows, the digital release will be on iTunes soon).

Sending love, and life filled with happiness.