Your favourite Luna teachers will be teaching at nearby outdoor yoga festivals this summer!

Jennifer Maagendans will be teaching in Hudson at Park Rising, a yoga and health festival taking place the weekend of August 5th-6th.  Join her on the Sunday 11am-12pm for an invigorating Jivamukti practice! For more information about the festival and to view the full schedule visit:



Some quick tips for making your outdoor summer yoga festival experience more enjoyable…

  • Bring sunscreen, a water bottle, a hat and/or sunglasses!
  • Bring an older yoga mat that you don’t mind getting dirty, or a towel to put under your yoga mat.
  • Bring a lighter coloured mat if possible, as darker mats tend to heat up in the sun
  • Bring snacks! Packing in all those classes will have you working up quite the appetite! Bring snacks that travel well: trail mix, dried fruit, apples, oranges… Nothing that will bruise or get banged up easily!
  • Be practical about picking your schedule! We tend to get excited about all the class possibilities that we sometimes forget about logistics… Are the classes back to back? How far apart are they in distance?
  • Consider mixing it up, you may be a Flow-lover but festivals are a great time to mix it up with some Yin and Restorative too! Your body will thank you for it!
  • Lastly, as with anything in life, HAVE FUN! Walk around, take in the sights, check out the vendor booths, grab some free samples, attend some outdoor concerts! Make the most out of your festival experience!

    Happy summer festival-ing yogis!