Making Perfect Scents: All-purpose EO Boosts the Heart While Purifying Your Home

Walking into the Luna Yoga studio is a mood altering experience and one of the ingredients of that experience has now been bottled for you to take home. We are happy to announce the launch of Audre Leigh’s EO collection, their signature essential oil blends with two different scents: May Chang + Clove, and Basil + Lime.

By popular demand, the EO collection was originally created for Luna to clean and purify the studio space, as the perfect replacement for commercial household cleaners, while really getting you to inhale and exhale deeply.

Introducing The EO blends:

May Chang + Clove
This incredibly warm and intoxicating scent is a potent antioxidant oil preventing the growth of molds and bacteria, while clearing up brain fog. Think Mountain Pose if it had a scent.

Basil + Lime
What a happy home smells like, this blend is an antibacterial powerhouse and mood booster to remind you of blue skies, green grass, and make you whistle while you work on scrubbing your house clean.

Want to bring some scents into your home? Here are 5 easy and sensible ways you can kick the chemicals and make your home perfectly green:

A simple spray bottle with a few drops of EO can freshen and purify the air and be used as a surface cleaner.

For an 8 oz spray bottle, mix:

  • 8 oz distilled water

  • 10 drops EO blend

Mix a few drops to a spray bottle filled with vinegar diluted with water to clean windows and shine stainless steel.

For an 8 oz spray bottle, mix:

  • 4 oz distilled water

  • 4 oz white distilled vinegar

  • 25 drops EO blend

Make a scouring paste perfect for scrubbing sinks and tubs.

For an 2 oz container, mix:

  • 2 oz baking soda

  • 1 oz water

  • 10 drops EO blend

DIY wipe, with a few drops on a clean tea towel and dust all your wood and living spaces.

An aromatherapeutic & anti-bacterial floor cleaner by simply adding 10 drops of EO blend to 16 oz of water. Clean your wood floors (we use it on our tiles too) and infuse your living space with the uplifting scents of essential oils.

Diffuse it in any of the diffusers they have on the market to boost your mood, energy and vitality.

Why should you limit your exposure to commercial household cleaners?

Often filled with disinfecting but toxic chemicals linked to asthma, respiratory infections, allergies, and even certain cancers. For more information on what to avoid, and many action items you can take to make our air safer, check out Environmental Defence Canada.


Audre Leigh, best known at Luna for their Prana and Savasana lotions that we use before and after each yoga class (also found in the Luna boutique) is a Montreal-based clean and green beauty company, founded by our staff member, Shannon Cleary.