How to wrap up your leftovers and lunches?


We love food at Luna Yoga, so when we were first introduced to reusable food wraps, we were so impressed we decided to start our search for a vegan and Canadian-made version. When our search led us to Earthology Vegan Organic Food Wraps, we knew this was the perfect fit for our eco-boutique!

Native Montrealers, Robyn, and Sarah are the makers behind Earthology, a line of handmade organic food wraps, completely designed with plant-based materials like environmentally sourced plant-based waxes, organic jojoba oil and tree resin. In their choice to creating a sustainable product, they take their environmental impact seriously, choosing to go with organic cotton because organic cotton is grown chemical-free, leaving the soil, air and water from from harm.

In a variety of pretty patterns to choose from, your leftovers have never looked so good! It truly is the perfect replacement for plastic wrap, and can be used to cover containers, pack papayas and peaches and swathe your sandwiches. Easy to clean and simple by using the heat of your hands to seal items shut, these compostable items can last anywhere from 6 months to a year depending on use and care.

You can find Earthology Vegan Food Wraps in our eco-boutique in a pack of 3 handy sizes: 1 small, 1 medium and one large wrap. They made great hostess and Mother’s day gifts (hint,hint) and an even greater gift for yourself to make sustainable living a little easier!