This year I will be giving two vegan workshops, one at Luna Yoga and the other at Wanderlust. I am just starting to work on my notes and decided it would be a good idea to create a Vegan Staples handout. Below is a list of items I like to have stocked in my kitchen. Please feel free to add your favourites in the comments box.

non-dairy milk: my favorite is almond milk, other options include; soy (a bit creamier), rice (closest consistency to dairy milk, but least nutrients), hemp (often difficult to find and more expensive, but lots of nutrients)

tofu: I usually use the firm blocks for cooking and occasionally the silken (soft) for lasagna or baking

tempeh: a nice alternative to tofu, a bit hardier and can be kept in the freezer nutritional yeast: we use it mostly for dragon bowl sauce & tofu scram, it is a great source of B12

                                                                                          earth balance

                                                                                         earth balance

miso: great for sauces/dressings (so many different kinds!)

veggies: onions, carrots, peppers, zucchinis, sweet potato, broccoli, spinach, kale, mushrooms, etc...

fruit: apples, bananas, tangerines, in-season fruit, etc...

vegenaise: for sandwiches and dressings

chia seeds: rich in omega-3 fatty acids, I sprinkle it over salads, can be mixed with water as an egg replacement in baked goods

                                                                       chia seeds

                                                                       chia seeds

flax seeds: contain high levels of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, sprinkle over salads, cereal, and use in baked goods

vegan chocolate chips: keep these on hand for baking

kamut flour: spelt flour is another good option, but a bit heavier (both have much more nutritional value than white flour) we use kamut in our pizza dough

tofu or veggie dogs: great for a quick dinnerfield roast sausages: lots of tasty flavours, including soy-free

soba noodles: my favorite is kamutbrown rice noodles: great alternative to white pasta

                                                                                        nutritional yeast

                                                                                       nutritional yeast

whole grain bread: bread and hummus is definitely a staple in our house

hummus: our staple sandwich spread

ginger fake chicken: my husband likes to fry some up as a side dish, it always tastes to 'real' for me

maple syrup: sweetener for baking

mesa sunrise cereal: my 2 year old and I eat this almost every morning with almond milk

earth balance: butter alternative 

quinoa: good source of amino acids, calcium and iron

nuts: great snack and/or salad topping, plus a good source of protein

chick peas: for salads, chanas & making hummus

lentils: high in protein, good for dhals, etc.

brown rice: much healthier than white rice