vegan cutlet & lasagna

On our way back from the Bahamas, we had a quick stop over in Fort Lauderdale so I checked my Vegman app to see if there were any vegan restaurants close by. It turned out that the renowned vegan restaurant


was just a 15 minute walk from our hotel. The food was delicious, and the waiter kept bringing us over little samples of other dishes on the menu that I wouldn't have ordered for myself, but ended up asking for the recipe! Luckily they had a cookbook which we ended up buying. I haven't tried to recreate any of the meals yet, but two of our favorites (which were both little samples complimentary of the chef) were Mediterranean Polenta Squares & Frito Misto. Next time you're in Fort Lauderdale check out



so tired from all the traveling, Levi slept through the whole meal

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