For my last week of maternity leave I decided to cash in a gift certificate I got (from my amazing man) for Mother's Day. So I headed down to the Rain Spa for a deep tissue massage. What a treat! Oddly enough it's sometimes hard to find the time to take extra care of ourselves, yet it is so important. As I move into this next transition in my life, I strive to continue to find balance in work and play. With iPhones, computers, etc. it's so easy to get caught up in work, but now with Levi around I know I can rely on him to literally unplug the computer. What an amazing year it's been.
Starting back with a party: 9th Anniversary Yoga & Live Music Party, Friday, July 13th 
Treat yourself to a Weekend Yoga Retreat at Eastman Spa, July 27-29th, 2012