I just got back from a trip out west to Golden, B.C. for a visit with my sister and her family. I didn't get to take any yoga classes while I was out there, but I did get to teach a workshop at Golden Lotus Ayurveda. This is an adorable little studio run by warm hosts Dalia and Scott, both Ayurvedic practitioners and yoga teachers. There is a variety of styles offered, but mostly a softer approach. After my Jivamukti Workshop the general consenuses was that it was a lot more active than they were used to, but everyone was happy, and felt good getting out of their comfort zone and trying something new. I felt the same... so good to travel, see a different landscape and step away from routines...
and then so nice to come home.
Levi's first swim
Enjoying the mountains in Golden
Lapping up luxury
Kicking Horse Mountain
Lots of love from cousin Devon and Oma
Hanging in Banff
If you're looking for something different to do, check out Dechen Thurman's workshops this weekend at Centre Luna Yoga. Or come to our Yoga Retreat in France in May, 2012 and breathe fresh mountainous air, practice yoga, and step away from your routines!