Over the years I've come to realize that to have a successful yoga studio, you need to have more than good yoga teachers, you also need to have some entrepreneurial skills. So with that in mind I've been working on honing some of my business skills. Today I did an 8 hour class in "Simply Accounting". If it really was 'simple' I don't think they'd need a whole days course on how to use the program.

I got up early, packed a lunch, drove (with the rest of the 9-5ers) out to Cote de Liesse, sat in a conference room in the basement of the Holiday Inn, used all my might to stay focused on the large screen and accounting jargon, while sipping tea and trying to stay warm. Although the room was dry, dark, and somewhat smokey, Alan Cohen (the teacher) was warm and funny. He was super concise and patient. I learnt that I do actually know more about accounting than I thought I did, and that I need to do some serious reorganizing in our data entry... sigh.

Doing the 'drive at 5' on my way home, I sat in traffic with the masses, (realizing how lucky I am to be able to bike or walk to work) thinking I love getting out of my comfort zone, it gives me a glimpse into the lives of others, and also allows me to appreciate some of my routines. There's always that balance of trying new things challenging ourselves, and at the same time enjoying simplicity.

Back to the studio tomorrow, with a hint more of accounting in my back pocket...

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