After a late night out with the girls, I spent the perfect Sunday afternoon with Bram and Laurel at the Scandinave Spa. Walking into the Scandinave you feel like you are stepping into a completely different zone; a place of total relaxation. The spa is based on the aged-old European tradition know as 'thermotherapy', or the hot & cold baths.

After changing into our bathing suits, we headed to the hot steam sauna. This is a circular room with three different levels of seating. It is so steamy in here you feel like you are inside a cloud, it has a really dreamy effect. We sweated it out for 10 or 15 minutes and then went for the ice cold rain shower - extremely intense, but the after effects are amazing. After doing a round of hot-cold, you are meant to relax, so we headed to the 'relaxation room'. We plopped ourselves down on the giant bean bag cushions and lay there with our bodies tingling (it almost feels like an opium den).

We finally peeled ourselves off the cushions and headed to the dry sauna. This is a gorgeous, wood-filled space that smells like yummy evergreens. The heat feels so good, it easily melts away any stress or tension. We followed up the heat with a quick dip in the icy, cold bath. My advice for the cold bath is: don't think about it, just do it!

Back in the relaxation room, we got some smoothies and snacks from the 'bar', and stretched back out on another giant cushion.

The third hot station is the hydro-jet bath. It's a warm pool surrounded with jets on the sides, and water pouring down the walls. The best part is the waterfall. If you sit right under it, you get an amazing shoulder and neck massage.

The whole experience is really special. It leaves you feeling relaxed and blissful. We forget sometimes, to slow down and take care of ourselves. Somehow it doesn't seem to be at the top of our priority list, yet our well-being is so important in all aspects of our lives. Instead of taking care of ourselves, we often wait till something goes wrong, and then we try to fix it. I think the secret to good health and well-being is to appreciate our bodies and to take care of ourselves. We spend money on our houses and cars, why wouldn't we spend it on our own bodies?

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