After choosing the right style, color, graphics, sizes and quantities, we finally sent in our t-shirts to get printed about a month ago... Naturally things took a little longer than they were supposed to, and I was forced to put on my "I won't stand for this" voice (there's a balance to being ok with everything, and with making a business run properly). They finally arrived with the storm on Wednesday (just in time for our holiday Yoga & Live Music event), and they're super cute! They are made locally in Montreal by Oom, in cozy organic cotton. Both the mens and womens are nice and long and fitted (perfect for yoga... no hiking up during downward dog... very important!). We went with classic black this time; very chic, very Montreal. Our motto is on the front: Live Laugh Love / Vivez Riez Aimez (always good to remind each other of these essential ingredients to life), and our logo is on the back.

Whenever I take on these small projects I always forget that they turn into big projects, but they are very rewarding when you see the final product...

They are available at the studio, and will be available next week in our online shop. Hope you like them!