Here's what some of your favourite Luna teachers had to say about their Wanderlust Tremblant experience this year!

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Francesca Knowles

Large crowded areas are not my forte and ever since I've known of Wanderlust festival, I assumed it wouldn't be the place for me. I had also made a similar assumption about yoga a few years back. Interestingly enough, I'm now teaching people not to live on assumptions, not to live by creating expectations and to be open to change as well as new things. So that's what I did. I opened myself up to Wanderlust, eased my mind and stepped outside of my bubble - my comfort zone. 

First off, Wanderlust is not as crowded as you might think, although the classes do get quite full. It's just regular ol' Mont-Tremblant with an extra hundred people who can't help but smile and laugh. That's what happened at this yoga festival. I smiled a lot, I laughed a lot, I may have even cried a few times. Each teacher I met had something new to offer to my practice and the people I shared the experience with helped me open up to new ideas.

As a teacher, I feel a sense of renewed inspiration. As a student, I realize that I have so much and will forever have so much more to learn, opening up a realm of possibilities.

I'm forever grateful to Luna for encouraging me to go to the festival and I'm over the moon excited to do it all over again next year!

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Anna Kowaleski

I am a self-declared Wanderlust fanatic. I still remember my first Wanderlust experience just over 4 years ago as newbie yogi and it was as magical that first year as it is today! I now use the festival as a yearly opportunity to disconnect from my everyday life and to restore and re-inspire my practice by taking classes with incredible teachers from all over the globe, connecting with new and old friends, and appreciating the awe-inspiring beauty of Mont-Tremblant. My highlights from this year are many, but a couple stand out. Vinyasa class with Chelsey Korus while being serenaded by vocal group Beautiful Chorus gave me reconnection to the shattering beauty of this world we live in. Dancing all night to the beats of DJ Serious Black reminded me how joyful it is to move your body freely and share that movement with friends and strangers alike. Hiking up the mountain in the pouring rain gave me the fresh insight that regardless of what’s happening around us, we always have control over our attitude. New memories, insights and inspirations are always a part of my Wanderlust experience each year and this year was no exception. Thanks to Myriam, Juan Pablo and Francesca who joined me on the journey this year, your presence was much appreciated and enjoyed!

Wanderlust Myriam Eoin Juan

Myriam Turenne

Comment décrire mon expérience à Wanderlust cette année? Intense, fou, plaisant, émouvant, joyeux, fatiguant, motivant... C'est un peu comme courir le marathon sans courir. Je me sens vidée, courbaturée mais tellement fière et inspirée. Souvent, le but de ce genre de festival c'est de pouvoir essayer le plus de professeurs possible pour découvrir de nouveaux enseignements et de nouvelles pratiques. Par contre, je suis restée «scotchée» sur l'un d'entre eux, Eoin Finn. C'est un coeur sur deux pattes. Je n'ai jamais vu quelqu'un donner autant de la sorte durant un cours de yoga. Son motto : kindness = happiness, et ça se ressent. Je me suis donc retrouvée avec plusieurs dizaines ou même centaines de personnes dans une salle remplie de bienveillance et de bonnes énergies. Pour lui, le yoga sert principalement qu'à une seule chose et même chose : pouvoir donner de meilleurs «hugs». Je peux vous dire qu'après quatre cours de yoga de suite avec lui, je fais réellement de meilleurs câlins:)

De pouvoir passer autant de temps avec quelques uns de mes collègues de chez Luna fût aussi un immense privilège. Je me sens choyée de faire partie d'une si belle équipe et tellement contente d'avoir pu les connaître d'avantage durant ces quelques jours. Juan, Francesca, Anna, je vous fait le plus gros «hug» qui soit! Merci pour tout, et on remet ça l'an prochain!

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Juan Pablo Muñoz

For me Wanderlust is like an ‘all you can practice yoga buffet’, there’s something for everyone one and you have control of your journey!

You have the chance to discover renowned international and local teachers and be inspired by their philosophies and techniques. It’s also an opportunity to ground yourself and connect with nature during meditative hikes. Add live music by incredibly talented artists and DJs and you get an unforgettable experience! It’s a annual event that opens the possibility for self discovery and growth.

But for me the cherry on top is the huge community that shares a common interest and where bonds can be created in an instant. We shared laughs, tears and more laughs. It’s also a place where it’s normal to smile at strangers and get a genuine smile back!

My soul is recharged and my heart is full, thank you Myriam, Anna and Francesca it wouldn't have been the same without you!