"These are the best yoga studios in Canada"

by Kayla Kuefler


Oh, Canada.

From Saturday’s spent at the rink, to traversing mountaintops and canoeing wild rapids (not to mention all the shoveling in between), it’s safe to say that Canadians are a pretty active bunch. Hockey’s a given, but did you know that the country is also brimming with yoga fanatics? Justin Trudeau himself is basically a pro (well, unofficially).

Google Trends reports that the country with the highest number of people searching Yoga around the world is none other than Canada. And surprisingly, within the country, the most yoga-curious bunch comes from the Yukon! British Columbia, Lululemon’s birthplace, came in a close second to the territory.

Canadians practice more yoga on a per capita basis than our southern neighbours and coast-to-coast, there seems to be a new studio or class popping up every other day.

So, in celebration of International Yoga Day on June 21 (which, fun fact: International Yoga Day was officially declared by the United Nations General Assembly in 2014), we’ve created a Canada-wide map pinpointing the very best studios to get your namaste on across the country.

From Whitehorse to St. John’s, Haida Gwaii to Saskatoon, this is where Canadians go to find their zen.


Montreal, Quebec

Luna Yoga is a bilingual studio in Montreal, Quebec. They offer Jivamukti, Vinyasa and a variety of special classes like Yin + Flo, Metta Flo, and Chakra Flo.

Frances Vicente, the studio’s manager, says that to make the most out of your yoga practice, “put it in your calendar and make it a priority.”

“We often put our personal wellness at the end of our to-do list, so it gets pushed aside. People often say they want to do yoga but they’re too busy. In my experience, most people are always busy; it’s about being able to be present and make time for yoga, to find peace in all the ups and downs of life.”

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