From Luna Yoga to Banff Yoga Festival

Banff mountains

I spent my twenties living between Montreal and Banff. This beautiful dichotomy of mountain and city life was thrilling but sometimes left me wondering where I truly belonged. I found a sense of belonging at Luna Yoga, a beautiful studio in Old Montreal. I knew I found it because resources and geography aside, I would across the city, through the Montreal's cold winters, just to get to class. 

Kaeleigh Doherty

This was a place where yoga, music, and chanting not only could help you get through your Vīrabhadrāsana II, but even help you realize that your boyfriend, in last's nights argument, was just trying to do the best that he knew…

Fridays in Montreal became like Sunday service . This consisted of Jenn’s noon class followed by lunch with my favourite people at Olive & Gourmando. It was never missed. and if it was, life was a little more chaotic, busy, and just a little bit harder.

I went on to do my yoga teacher training with them in 2011. Still, I find that the teachings from Luna Yoga and Jivamukti have become a source of inspiration for what I do and who we involve in the Banff and Okanagan Yoga Festivals. It’s often assumed that the teachers and spaces with  the biggest Instagram following, the best website, and the best yoga photos should be the ones chosen to teach at our events. That probably would be a great driver of ticket sales...

Luna studio

But Luna Yoga is a precedent for the type of event BYF and OYF seek to become. Luna’s longevity is a testament to its authenticity. It’s one of the longest standing yoga studios in Montreal. And I think, It's because it has never veered away from their values, lineage, nor the traditional teachings of yoga.

At BYF & OYF, I seek the Luna Yogas of the world. I seek the Jennifer Maagendans, Terri McCulloms, Jeff Mahs, Mark Darbys, Mystee Maisonets, Lydia Zamoranos... The Erins, Randelles, Kates, Jillaines, Tiagas, Trishs, Lauras, Taras, Kristens, Andrews… The humble teachers you would walk across the city on the coldest day for.  These teachers act as a vessel to the teachings of an ancient lineage, none of us should ever claim as our own. Their goal is not to be Instafamous but to help you build a consistent relationship with yoga.  And while sure, I just name dropped, they would never. They would tell you not to practice only with them, but to find yoga in everything and everyone.

They help students build a consistent practice with yoga. How beautiful is that? And alas, this has become what the BYF and OYF seek to exude; consistency, foundation, and authenticity. That is, if I am a slave to the trends in our society, then I will always be at the mercy of their fluctuations. Sure, we will be vulnerable  and open to these trends, but only to reinforce who we are and what we stand for. Yogaś citta vṛtti nirodhaḥ. Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind.  The experience of ceasing these fluctuations allows you to see and act from a place of intention versus reactivity, enabling you to be more authentic and true to your purpose and your place in this world.


I found a sanctuary and a sense of belonging in a quaint, character studio amongst the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal, whose teachings and community have inspired what I do today. And now, when I work, and when I travel, I seek to find authenticity, consistency, and the experience of Yoga.

Don't miss Jenn at the Banff Yoga Festival June 1st - 3rd!

- Kaeleigh Doherty