On a recent flight back from Guadaloupe island I watched the Sharkwater Extinction documentary. I had seen the first Sharkwater movie years ago and was deeply moved by it. The creator of the 2 movies, Rob Stewart, was Canadian and around my age. Through his passion and love of sharks (and a lot of hard work), he was able to make a huge difference in shark conservation and in the banning of shark finning. He explored the human/shark relationship, the fear of sharks, and the huge impact that shark hunting is having on our ecosystems. What I love about his films is that he shows the beauty, curiosity and playfulness of sharks. He reminds us of our connection to these incredible animals, and then he exposes what is happening to them. He shows us how human greed is affecting our planet, and also how we can make a difference.

During our stay in Guadaloupe, we snorkelled, breathed salt air, and reconnected with the ocean. It was during that trip that I received a message from Park Rising asking me to teach a workshop. I knew I wanted to do something to reconnect us to the ocean, and to benefit the Sharkwater Foundation. I created the workshop "Open Your Hips, Release Your Fears" to help us recognize that fears are not always what they seem; they are often built on false information, and they create a disconnect. We hold our fears in our bodies and in our minds. The yoga practice can help us release these fears, and inspire us to go out and make a difference.

I truly believe each individual can have a huge impact on the planet, whether it's making a movie, or simply changing our daily habits and supporting a good cause.

Open Your Hips, Release Your Fears
August 3rd, 8-9:15am
Park Rising Festival, Hudson, Qc

Proceeds of this class will go to the Sharkwater Foundation whose mission is to protect the sharks and the planet.
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