As a parent you want your child to reach their maximum potential. As a parent of a child with special needs, you wonder if that will be possible. You wonder what that process will look like and how you will make it happen.  

Giant Steps School is a school that addresses these concerns — with compassion and expertise. The school focuses on helping their students achieve but also gives them a community within which they can flourish and feel supported. Giant Steps is the only academic institution in all of Québec that focuses solely on educating children and young adults with Autism. With the rate of increased autism diagnoses in Canada, the need for this type of facility is greater than ever.

The children receive an individualized curriculum plan, that includes academics, art therapy, music therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, life skills, and more all under one roof. This is done in a safe and nurturing environment where, despite their challenges, the kids are allowed to be... kids: smiling, playing and enjoying their lives as we are all entitled to do.

In order to fund all these crucial therapies and services, the school relies on community support each year in order to meet the needs of all the students.  When you contribute to Giant Steps, you are not only helping a school, you’re helping a child with autism take a Giant Step towards a better life!

April is Autism Awareness Month. On April 9th I will be teaching a class at 4:30 pm.  Luna Yoga will be graciously contributing $5 to Giant Steps Foundation for every yogi who attends. I hope you will come and join me for a special 60 Minute practice.  You can also donate to the school directly by clicking on the link below.

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