Luna Yoga

Founded in 2003 by Jennifer Maagendans & Jason Kent, Luna Yoga is an environmentally-conscious, community-based yoga studio nestled in the heart of Old Montreal. Offering active and dynamic Yoga Flo and Jivamukti classes, the studio houses a calm and welcoming atmosphere in which students are encouraged to explore and discover their yoga path.

Open 7 days a week, we aim to offer a unique approach to yoga that incorporates peace and joy into the invigorating and challenging Vinyasa-style (flow) practice. With an emphasis on breath awareness, alignment, and spiritual studies, our goal is to leave students with an overall sense of bliss and peace, partnered with a deep connection to the earth and to each other.

Yoga = union. Yoga is a spiritual practice that reminds us of the oneness of all beings. Practices include asanas (postures that enable the practitioner to gain greater flexibility, strength and coordination), pranayama (controlled breathing exercises) and meditation (focusing the mind's attention). The body and mind are challenged and used to come back to our natural state of peace and happiness. 

Yoga Flo

Luna Yoga's unique approach to yoga incorporates peace and joy into a dynamic and active Vinyasa-style practice. The practice is a blend of different elements rooted in various yoga styles, such as Ashtanga, Hatha and Jivamukti. Through years of practice, and continuous studies, the Luna YogaFlo style has emerged as a challenging, fresh, and invigorating approach to the ancient tradition that is yoga.


Jivamukti Yoga

The Jivamukti Yoga method is a style of Yoga created by David Life and Sharon Gannon in 1984. It is a vigorously physical and intellectually stimulating practice leading to spiritual awareness. 

jiva ~ individual soul / mukti ~ liberation

The name Jivamukti (pronounced Jee-va-mook-tee) means liberation while still living in the body. A Jivamukti Yoga class involves an ever changing flow of postures (vinyasa) that is intended to challenge you on many levels. Each class revolves around a theme based on ancient wisdom and emphasizes the importance of practicing with an elevated intention. Chanting, meditation, and inspiring music are a part of every class. 

The five tenets of Jivamukti Yoga are:

  • Scripture ~ source teachings from the ancient Sanskrit scriptures

  • Bhakti ~ devotion; finding a greater purpose for our lives

  • Ahimsa ~ non-harming; understanding how our actions affect other beings

  • Music ~ Nada Yoga (the yoga of sound), chanting and listening to good music

  • Meditation ~ turning inwards and reconnecting to our true selves

The Jivamukti method is one of nine internationally recognized styles of Hatha Yoga. The others are: Ashtanga, Bikram, Integral, Iyengar, Kripalu, Kundalini, Sivananda, and Viniyoga

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From my very first visit to Luna, I knew there was a powerful and unique energy at work. Now over five years later, I realize it is its solid physical practice, rich teachings and authentic approach to yoga which sets it apart from other studios Montreal-wide. The genuine environment created by the teachers, staff and students always bring me to a higher place of joy and inner peace.
— Marie Claire Gagnier, Luna Yoga graduate, event coordinator
Luna Yoga is a place where you just feel good. The studio is cozy, the ambiance is zen and relaxed. The instructors are extremely competent, friendly and sometimes even funny. Everyone who works at the studio is always smiling and accommodating. I come to the Jivamukti classes and would not miss them for anything in the world. Jennifer and Frances are very inspiring and always have good music for us to listen to. I always leave in a great mood!
— Claire Burelli, photographer
The Jivamukti classes are extremely motivating and intelligent. There’s something to please everyone and there are interesting challenges for more advanced yogis without feeling competitive.
The Yoga Flo 1 classes allow you to improve and to breathe. It’s encouraging, motivating, intelligent, all while honouring the breath.
The reception at the studio is always kind, sincere, simple and easy. I go twice a week and these two practices motivate me for my own personal practice the other days of the week.
— Hélène Boudreau, president of Java communications
After one class, I was hooked! I made sure I would have to be here twice a week, and it has now been two years! It has become a sanctuary.
— Julia, Luna receptionist
Luna Yoga - a Montreal studio that, like the moon, emanates the joy and acceptance of the very heart of yoga.
— Denise Beamish, marketing manager of consulting firm
The classes are excellent and they have really succeeded in creating a little oasis of peace and healing.
— Marie-Anne Bélanger, yogi at Luna
I came for the physical workout that comes with yoga. I stayed for the wonderful energy, guidance, and (yes) love given by the Luna staff!
— Jane Kuna, yogi at Luna
Luna Yoga is a wonderful place to practice in Old Montreal. I have been practicing at Luna since 2005 and have never left! I love the energy of the studio, the teachers, the music, and especially the china gel massage!
— Marissa Fenwick, Senior Information Developer at SAP Labs Canada and Luna Yoga graduate


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