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Vegan Challenge

A little while ago I wrote a blog about a documentary called Vegucated, I liked it so much I decided to screen it at the studio. It's a "feature-length documentary that follows three meat- and cheese-loving New Yorkers who agree to adopt a vegan diet for six weeks". To follow up the movie, Frances (one of our lovely Jivamukti teachers) suggested we host a vegan challenge of our own. I thought it was an amazing idea... We invited as many vegan/vegetarian friendly businesses to get involved and created a fun filled Vegan Challenge for the month of June, 2012.

As part of my duties I will be posting vegan recipes daily on my blog throughout the month of June. Most will be tried and tested by myself & family, with a couple recipes submitted by our generous sponsors.

Good luck to all those who are taking the challenge

Vegan Challenge
June 1st-30th, 2012

In honor of the Vegucated screening, we will be holding a vegan challenge throughout the month of June. If you’ve ever considered being vegan, here’s your chance to be part of a group exploring the realities of veganism, and debunking the myths.
The month will include:
- Unlimited yoga for the month of June
at Luna Yoga
- A Screening of Vegucated
- Get it Ripe vegan cookbook
- A guided trip to the grocery store
- Discounts on local vegan restaurants and shops,
- Daily recipes (posted on Jennifer’s blog)
- A vegan cooking course

- Weekly gatherings 

June 1st-30th
Cost: $100
Take the challenge

Vegan Challenge participants will also receive discounts from Crudessence, Green Panther & lole, samples from Tonic, Rise Kombucha & Cocos Pure, 2 week gift membership from My Yoga Online, and 25% off at the Yoga Festival Montreal 

Thanks to all our sponsors for their generosity! 
Please feel free to add your comments, feedback and questions



108 salutations for charity

I've been a part of the Yoga Mala event for the past couple of years and always enjoy it. It brings together 9 teachers from 9 different styles of yoga. We each teach 12 salutations, adding up to a total of 108! All funds raised go to charity. This year the Yoga Mala has founded its own charity The Yoga Mala Foundation: A Montreal non-profit organization founded by Dawn Mauricio that acts as a fund for yoga teachers who would like to lead long-term yoga programs in areas of need (e.g. shelters, low income areas, etc.)

I will be teaching part of the 108 sun salutations, and hope to become one of their teachers to teach in an area of need (if you know of any shelters, etc. that would like a yoga program, let me know).



Retraite de Yoga, Nature, Spa...

Une retraite locale avec cuisine biologique en légumes frais, yoga, natation, des promenades en nature, la détente… située dans les merveilleux Cantons-de-l'Est au Spa Eastman…
Gâtez-vous avec un weekend de paix et de sérénité dans le décor féérique des Cantons de l'Est en vous joignant à nous pour un weekend de yoga au Spa Eastman. Vous y aurez l'opportunité d'approfondir votre technique grâce au professeurs Jennifer Maagendans et Frances Vicente, certifiées en enseignement de Jivamukti Yoga. Le programme comprend des cours de yoga fortifiant et envivifiant matinale, et une pratique plus douce le soir. Le reste de la journée, vous pourrez profiter de l'accès aux piscines, aux bains turcs, aux 15km de pistes de randonnée, au gymnase, etc. Vous pourrez aussi vous offrir un massage ou autre traitement spa offert à la carte si le cour vous en dit.
Située à 110km de Montréal, ses 15 kilomètres de sentiers parcourent un domaine de 326 acres de forêts et de rivières, vous invitant à succomber à la tentation de la randonnée pédestre à travers des paysages de cartes postales. Les programmes du Spa Eastman sont proposés dans un contexte de vacances, de détente et de plaisir. Avec sept pavillons grandioses, Il abrite également les salles de soins, une magnifique piscine intérieure et un centre d’entraînement moderne. Sa salle à manger accueillante et raffinée offre un panorama unique sur le fameux étang du Spa Eastman avec toute la splendeur du mont Orford en arrière-plan. La fine cuisine santé du Spa Eastman privilégie les produits de qualité les plus simples et les plus naturels qui soient –produits biologiques.

Le Spa Eastman a reçu le Phénix de l’environnement 2008 et bien qu’il ait reçu ce prix en raison de son bilan environnemental exceptionnel, c’est sa contribution au « développement de la santé durable » qui a été soulignée au moment de la remise du prix à l’Assemblée nationale.
27-29 juillet, 2012
Coût : 395$ + taxes
- 2 nuits
inclus, 6 repas (option végétarian), access aux installations (piscines, hammam, 15 km de sentiers, gym, etc.) et cours de yoga

Inscrivez-vous avec la représentative du Spa Eastman Véronique Marchand tel : 450-297-3009.
Courriel : Véronique Marchand ou contactez nous 

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Local Yoga Retreat, Nature, Spa...

 A local retreat with lots of organic food fresh from the garden, nature, yoga, swimming, walking, and relaxing...  set in the beautiful countryside of the Eastern Townships at the eco-friendly Spa Eastman...

Weekend Yoga Retreat at Spa Eastman
July 27-29th, 2012
Treat yourself to our weekend Yoga retreat at the Spa Eastman and tap into peace and serenity in the beautiful countryside of the Eastern Townships. Deepen your practice with classes led by Jivamukti teachers Jennifer Maagendans and Frances Vicente: one invigorating and inspiring morning class and a softer evening practice exploring meditation and pranayama. The rest of the day will be free to explore the pools, hammam, outdoor baths, 15 km of walking trails, gym, etc… or treat yourself to any of the myriad of spa treatments, massages, and other services offered on an à la carte basis.

Located on 315 acres with an incredible view of Mont Orford, the Spa Eastman is a bona fide vacation spa. With its seven pavilions for accommodation, its 15 kilometers of nature hiking trails, its gardens and picture-perfect scenery, you'll feel instantly at home. The local flora and fauna are the perfect environment for the Centre's activities, and the air, water and land come together to create a memorable setting. Enjoy local, organic food made mostly fresh from their garden. Approximately one hour from Montreal, two hours from Quebec City and a few hours from several American states, this is a destination that is certainly worth the trip.

Spa Eastman has won the prestigious Phénix 2008 in the Sustainable Development category. They are also one of the pionneers in the Réser-Vert certification process and were recently given the highest level of performance in Recyc-Québec's "Ici on recycle!" program. These honours reward our actions and our environmental consciousness: but most of all, they celebrate our fundamental values.
July 27-29th, 2012
Price: 395$ + taxes
-Includes 2 nights stay, 6 meals* (vegetarian optional), access to the installations (pools, hammam bath, 15 km of walking trails, gym, etc.) and yoga classes
* Please notify Spa Eastman if you have any food allergies.*

Contact Spa Eastman Representative Véronique Marchand tel : 450-297-3009.

Courriel : Veronique Marchand to register, and once registered, please contact us.



Nature's Yoga

Since having a baby, my yoga practice has definitely changed. I may not have as much time to go to class, but I continue other practices that bring me to that state of yoga (union). One of my favorite things to do is take walks in nature, it's always so grounding and peaceful, and to go with loved ones makes it that much better...  
Mother Nature, My Mom & Levi = Bliss
Hoping this photo will inspire you to unplug, go outside, and enjoy Mother Nature.



Yoga On-The-Go

For those times when it feels like all you've got is 10 minutes... We don't always have time to take an hour and a half class at a studio, but those hectic days are usually the times we need it the most. Here's a short yoga practice filmed while we were on vacation in the Bahamas. The gorgeous beach and ocean always leave me feeling inspired... Hope this video helps keep you centered on those busy days.


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Yoga in the Beautiful Bahamas

For the past couple of years, Jason and I have been traveling to the beautiful Bahamas. There are said to be 365 islands in the Bahamas (one for each day of the year). Each visit we have been exploring a different island; this year we visited Long Island. We rented a small cottage right on the ocean.

Our days consisted of lots of beach walking, relaxing, swimming and snorkeling. In the mornings I practiced yoga outside on our back porch facing the sun and listening to the sound of the ocean. It was so beautiful and inspirational, I had the feeling of being completely free and totally connected to nature. During the day we walked on deserted beaches and often sat and watched the waves. In the evening we star-gazed, and were lucky enough to be there during the full moon.

When I'm in Montreal I often forget to look up (especially when there's icy sidewalks... I'm so focused on not falling, I'll forget to look up for days), but in the Bahamas it's impossible not to notice the stars and the moon. The sky is so big, and the stars are so close it feels like you could almost reach out and touch them. You look in one direction and see miles of aqua blue ocean, and then in other: beach, coral, and green vegetation. In the city we are surrounded by so many man-made things that it can be easy to get disconnected with nature, but in a place like the Bahamas nature is so in-your-face, and so beautiful, that you immediately have this feeling of being smaller... in a good way.

The earth, and all the animals, are often seen as 'ours' to use, as 'resources' for humans, but in fact we are just one of many species that are a part of this incredible earth. Being on a small, remote island puts you at the mercy of mother nature (power outages, rugged roads, tides, wind and waves) and island pace (the friendliest, kindest people... but a much slower way of life... takes some getting used to, but we love it).

On our flight home, as we were coming in for landing, I looked down and thought at first that it looked like a scene from a depressing futuristic movie, where everything was gray, cold and deserted, but after spending a couple days back in Montreal, and visiting our parents in Hudson, I am seeing the beauty in the winter wonderland; the sound of the snow crunching under boots, the sight of our breath, and the coziness of bundling up. The beauty of nature is all around us. Going away allows us to see it in a new light, and gives a renewed appreciation for our surroundings and our lives.

We reopen the studio today. I'm excited to see everyone and to bring some Bahamas energy to Montreal!

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