We spent a lovely weekend at our friends Pat & Marissa's camper. In the evening Pat made us Smores over the fire, and in the morning we all pitched in and put together the Kent Family Brunch for Jason's first Father's Day. 
roast marshmellows, add chocolate, press between graham crackers = heaven
Father's Day Kent Family Brunch at the camper
Here's another version of the Kent Family Brunch:
1 can beans in tomato sauce
Bavarian veggie sausage (from IGA)
potatoes - lightly boiled, then barbecued with onions & garlic
tofu scramble - fry marinated tofu (crumbled tofu marinated in tamari, garlic & fresh ginger) with peppers, sprinkle with nutritional yeast
1 slice of bread - served with peanut butter and/or jam
slices of fruit - pear