Smoothies are great, especially in the summer when you can get local fresh fruit. Frozen fruit works well too, but fruit starts to release vitamins as soon as it's cut, so the fresher the better. If you like it cold, just add some ice.

Jason's been making smoothies in the morning for the whole family and baby Levi loves them! He throws a bunch of fruit in the baby bullet and blends it with mint and orange juice (most people use a blender, but a baby bullet works too). If you prefer something creamier you can add a non-dairy milk or yogurt (soy milk, almond milk, coconut yogurt, etc).
choose your favorite mix of fruits... blend... and voila!
banana, mango, blueberries, fresh mint from the garden and orange juice
Nature's Path cereal with banana & flax seeds (a good source of fiber & omega-3's)
Nature's Path makes lots of different kinds of cereal,
it's organic and the packaging is Eco-friendly too!