I love this recipe. I throw whatever veggies I have into a baking dish and put them right into the oven (skipping the pre-sauté) for 20 or 30 minutes covered, while I make the sauce, then I uncover it, mix it, and add the sauce and bake it for another 20 or 30 minutes. During the second half of the baking I make the rice/quinoa/couscous and salad or throw some spring rolls in the oven while the veggies are cooking. I usually make it with tofu, but this time I didn't have any in the fridge, so I just made it with fennel, zucchini, yellow pepper and tomato.
Served with couscous and a spinach salad with avocado & flax seeds
Super colorful and saucy
Barbecued Tempeh or Tofu from New Recipes from Moosewood Restaurant Cookbook