I emptied out my compost bin a couple of weeks ago and was happy to discover tons of fresh, nutrient rich compost! You can pick up a bin at your local Eco Quartier or hardware store (they come in lots of different shapes and sizes)
 my garden work-station with FULL compost bin
enough compost to fill all my pots & garden
we keep all our food scraps in this stainless steel pail before emptying it into the bin
super excited about our new rain barrel!

Tap Water is a Luxury!
We use tap water for many purposes that do not require treated
drinking water. Less than 1% of household tap water
is used for human consumption.

It is a mistake to believe that wasting water does not cost us anything.
Tap water has been purified and will be cleaned before
being released in the St. Lawrence River. These treatments are not
free. It costs $800 000 a day to treat and distribute water
on the Island of Montreal.

Saving tap water, even in small quantities, decreases the costs
of water treatment. Every drop counts!

In many municipalities, it is forbidden to water the lawn with city
water between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. or if it is raining.
Check your local by-laws.

Thanks for making smart use of our water !