I'm loving Jae Steele's new cookbook Ripe from around here! I've tested out some recipes and am I'm halfway through reading the first part of the book about local and sustainable eating. Although I often do find local and organic veggies at IGA, I also love to pick up fresh ingredients from the market. Here's a list of some of Montreal's hot-spots for fresh finds:

Jean Talon Market: Behind the shops on Jean Talon and Henri-Julien. One of the biggest markets in Montreal, with lots of fruit and veggies (yummy salted tomato slices to taste test), flowers/plants (more-so in spring/early summer), and some indoor stalls (look out for bhajis with tamarind chutney - delicious - and also usually have taste testers).

Atwater Market: On Atwater, near the canal. Lots of fruits and veggies, flowers/plants (one of my Mom's friends even comes from the country to buy some of her more exotic plants here), also has indoor stores, plus a Premiere Moisson.

Amherst Market: (I couldn't find the link for this one) On Amherst & Ontario. I was just there last weekend and they're in the midst of renovations (I was told they are expanding the inside) but should be fully open by the end of June. Outside, they usually have lots of fruits and veggies, and inside an assortment of organic canned and dried goods, plus cheese, olives, etc. There's also a large garden plant section in the spring/early summer (now open). Across the street, they are currently located in a small shop on Amherst, just below De Maisonneuve (I'm assuming these are the same people, and will relocate into the new renovated space when it's ready).

Marche Duluth: In 2 different locations (5039 St Dominique on Thursday evenings, and 4265 Laval on Sundays). I've never been to these markets, (Bram found them online) but their web site says everything is local, ecological and seasonal.

A couple other spots to mention are: Rachelle-Bery (there's 3 in Montreal) A healthfood store selling organic and natural products (veggies, dried goods, toiletries), and La Maison Verte in NDG, a store and cafe, with tons of eco-friendly, and local products/produce, and lots of green events.

I have a sneaking suspicion that there are many more hidden treasures... if you know of any, please share!