Today I did two amazing workshops with Eoin Finn and his wife Insiya. They are currently touring Canada promoting their new DVD The Pursuit of Happy Hips, and came to Luna Yoga to pass on some "Blissology"... Finn style...

We spent the morning exploring the anatomy of our hips, and then followed by twisting, bending and contorting them until they felt like Silly Putty. It was a fun, sweaty, packed class, filled with smiles and sighs.

After a quick bite to eat at Veritas (amazing aubergine and hummus sandwich!), we headed back to the studio for Yoga and Ecology... two of my favorite subjects! We discussed the need for change and appreciation for the earth. How our disconnection with the earth is what is causing the most harm. We talked about ideas to help us reconnect with nature; each day taking a moment to appreciate the wonders and beauty of nature, and to share it with someone else, to remind ourselves, and each other, of this incredible ecosystem that we are a part of (not apart from). The discussion was followed by another amazing vinyasa practice (handstands and all!).

Yoga = union. When we remember our connection with all things, and can see other beings and nature for what they really are, instead of seeing them simply as food or resources, we can begin to change our destructive impact on the earth. It all starts with awareness...

Once again I am left feeling inspired and sleepy. Curled up next to me, my two zen masters Fonzi and Leo remind me once again, to close my laptop, and go to sleep.