marianne kim gobeil


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Marianne discovered the benefits of yoga while taking it in CEGEP. She kept a continuous practice as she saw it gave her many tools to help her thrive in her life. 

After a couple of years, Marianne was looking for a place to do her teacher training to deepen her practice. After discovering Luna, she quickly fell in love with the studio’s values and community.  She was awarded the Luna Yoga Scholarship and completed her 250-hour teacher training in 2017.

Originally, wanting to do the training for her own practice, she quickly changed her mind about wanting to teach so that she could share her love for yoga with others!  She now commits herself to share her knowledge with her students, offering a safe space where students can come unwind and take their yoga practice a little further.

Each class will allow students to go further in their physical practice, and also time where they can reflect on their spiritual practice through meditation. 


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