Francesca Knowles


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Francesca's journey with yoga began when she felt she needed an alternative way to find a balanced life. In 2015, after having tried many studios, she found a connection with Luna Yoga and its community where she later completed her 250-hour teacher training. It began as a physical practice which, with the guidance of many Luna Yoga teachers, slowly developed into a continued spiritual one: where she has challenged her being, learned acceptance, and learned to just 'be'. Through her own practice and training, she has come to believe that finding peace can start on the mat and slowly drift into regular every day life. She aims to share and cultivate this idea with her students by focusing on connecting the body, mind and spirit to the present. 

Her teaching style is much like the sea. Seemingly still and steady, allowing for alignment and stability, while at the same time strong like the push and pull of a wave, allowing the breath to direct a current of energy through the body. 

In her spare time: she's a born traveler, wanting to discover different styles of yoga everywhere she goes; a lover of every thing culture and arts; as well as a freelance writer.


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