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Angela is a musician, photographer, activist, recovered addict, humanitarian and yogi. Her personal journey with yoga began after a severe back injury in the mid 90’s, that left her with limited mobility and chronic pain. She began her search to find something that gave her some type of relief. After trying out yoga for the first time and not finding that it served her, she gave up and moved on.  She turned to drugs, alcohol and other self-destructive behaviours to distract from both her physical and emotional pain. Even with the self-medicating and distraction, yoga kept calling her back to the mat. In 2005 she finally had that “eureka” moment and began turning to the spiritual side of yoga, deepening her understanding. This experience helped her continue the healing process of mind, body and spirit.

Her goal is to guide students towards a deeper practice, a deeper understanding of the world and their connection to it, and a deeper sense of contentment and joy. Through meditation, chanting, asana and breath work, she aims to restore and rejuvenate her students so they may leave the mat more grounded, centred and calm than when they arrived.


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