With spring finally here we begin to shed layers of clothing and the weight of winter. The sun shines brighter, the weather slowly gets warmer and we begin to feel lighter again. It’s the perfect time to immerse ourselves in a daily practice, as the natural world begins to re-awaken all around us!  Take on our 30-day spring challenge from April 1st – 30th!
Surprise prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place!

Week 1:  Spring forward/back – Practice hopping forward and back with more lightness and ease, to learn how to move gracefully during this transitional time.
Week 2: Abdominals and Twists – Detox out those winter blues and get back on track with those New Year’s resolutions!
Week 3: Pranayama – Get back in touch with your breath, re-balance and re-energize!
Week 4: Inversions – Flip around, turn upside down, get playful with your practice!


A slower flow practice incorporating basic yoga postures and attention to alignment. Ideal for beginners. This class is taught by our teachers in training and is paid by donation of $5.

Yoga Flo 1

A dynamic practice focusing on alignment and breath with postures taught as a slower flow series, appropriate for new students as well as experienced yogis.

Yoga Flo 2

The union of movement and breath is emphasized in this dynamic Vinyasa (flow) class which incorporates strength, flexibility, and endurance.


In keeping with the Jivamukti tradition, this class is comprised of dynamic Vinyasa (flow) sequences, hands-on adjustments, breath awareness, chanting, music, meditation, and relaxation. Basic experience is recommended.

Private classes - book here

This 1 on 1 session will allow you to have a personally customized class. Brand new to yoga? Use this opportunity to learn the basic postures. Want to deepen your practice? Take this time to explore specific areas of interest such as alignment in asanas, meditation or breath work exercises.