Fundamentals of Yoga with Andrea Rubin
Saturday, January 26th, 2019, 2:00-4:30pm

This Fundamentals of Yoga workshop is perfect for anyone new to the practice and anyone looking to strengthen the foundation of their existing practice. It can be intimidating to step into a class unsure of the postures and afraid of possible injuries. This workshop will teach the basics of healthy and safe alignment, and connect poses with breath in moving meditation. We will look at the basic poses involved in sun salutations, and then break down the fundamental standing and seated postures so that forward bends, side bends, twists, and backbends can all be entered into comfortably and safely. We will work with props and break down the postures for 90 minutes, leading up to a 60 minute Flo that will incorporate what we've learned. You should walk away from this workshop feeling secure, grounded and ready to approach your yoga practice with a new found comfort. 

$50 + tax ($45 + tax by January 19th)